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Fig. #1
Fig. #1: My father, Wincenty Pająk (1903-1981), playing a violin - photo from the end of Second World War. (For further details about this photo see caption "Fot. #A1" from my authobiography (in Polish) tekst_17.htm.) His favourite melody was "Żywiec czardas" - very similar to that played here by "Hora". Fragments of my father's fate - e.g. miracle of his survival of the botched Allied bombing of Peenemunde, where as a prisoner of war/POW, he worked on the assembly of "V" missiles, describes #B1 of the page pajak_jan_uk.htm, while his "golden hand" ability describes #D2 of the page wszewilki_uk.htm. (It is worth noticing here God's justice and sense of humor. After all, the inventor of Magnokraft Starship and Time Vehicle was NOT the son of Wernher von Braun - the builder of deadly "V2" missiles elevated by Americans, but the son of the Braun's Polish "slave", who assembled V rockets and was a rare POW who survived the botched Allied bombing on 17/18 August 1943.) In turn my musical accomplishments illustrate "Fig. #A4 & #A5" in volume 1 of monograph [1/5].
(Click on this photo if you wish to see it enlarged.)
If the reader wishes to learn about my life, it is summarised in video entitled "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" (around 30 minutes long) from the playlist: djp.htm

I also recommend video (4 minutes long) "How big is the Magnocraft?" from the playlist: djp.htm
The most vital scientific discoveries of the author of this "playlist":
Cyclic tables (propulsion.htm)
Dipolarity of gravity field (dipolar_gravity.htm)
Definition and nature of God (god_proof.htm)
Fourth dimension of infinite counter-world (#273E in tekst_13.htm)
God's "Omniplan" (petone.htm)
Moral energy (totalizm.htm)
Nirvana (nirvana.htm)
Moral field (morals.htm)
Technical telekinezis (telekinesis.htm)
Reversible software time (immortality.htm)
"Ulot" langauge (prophecies.htm)
Programming of counter-matter (propulsion.htm)
The most vital ideas developed by the author of this "playlist":
Concept of Dipolar Gravity (dipolar_gravity.htm)
Philosophy of totalizm (totalizm.htm)
Philosophy of parasitism (parasitism.htm)
Telekinetic Effect and Perpetual Motion Engines (free_energy.htm)
The most vital inventions of the author of this "playlist":
Starship named "Magnocraft" (magnocraft.htm)
Oscillatory Chamber for Magnocraft (oscillatory_chamber.htm)
Telekinetic battery (fe_cell.htm)
Time travel vehicles (immortality.htm)
Telepathyzers and telepathic telescopes or projectors (telepathy.htm)
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Full screen playlists where next songs are to right or down:
p_12fl.htm (12-Latin American)
p_12fj.htm (12-Jan's favourite)
p_12fh.htm (12-neo-medieval)
p_12fx.htm (12-untotaliztic)
p_12pf.htm (12-portfolios)
p_12fu.htm (12-Ukrainian)
p_12fv.htm (12-Lithuanian)
p_12fk.htm (12-paintings)
p_12fb.htm (12-Bolivian)
p_12fd.htm (12-Caporal)
p_12fz.htm (12-Chinese)
p_12fg.htm (12-German)
p_12fr.htm (12-Russian)
p_12fe.htm (12-Eastern)
p_12fw.htm (12-Korean)
p_12fc.htm (12-classic)
p_12fp.htm (12-Polish)
p_12ff.htm (12-femine)
p_12fn.htm (12-native)
p_12fa.htm (12-action)
p_12fm.htm (12-love)
p_12fs.htm (12-sexy)
p_12ft.htm (12-Thai)
p_12fi.htm (12-Inka)
Full screen playlists where next playlists are to right or down:
p_nfa.htm (songs with action - piosenki z akcją)
p_nfb.htm (Bolivian songs - piosenki Boliwii)
p_nfc.htm (classic songs - klasyczne piosenki)
p_nfd.htm (Caporal dances - tańce zwane Caporal)
p_nfe.htm (Eastern songs - piosenki Wschodu)
p_nff.htm (femine dancing groups - żeńskie grupy taneczne)
p_nfg.htm (German-language songs - piosenki niemieckojęzyczne)
p_nfh.htm (neo-medieval songs - piosenki obecnej epoki "neo-średniowiecza")
p_nfi.htm (Inka walls and songs - piosenki z murami Inków)
p_nfj.htm (Jan's favourite playlists - najbardziej ulubione piosenki Jana)
p_nfl.htm (Latin American music - muzyka Ameryki Łacińskiej)
p_nfm.htm (songs about love - piosenki o miłości)
p_nfn.htm (native songs - piosenki narodowe)
p_nfp.htm (Polish songs - polskie piosenki)
p_nfr.htm (Russian songs - rosyjskie piosenki)
p_nfs.htm (sexy performances - seksowne występy)
p_nft.htm (Thai songs - piosenki Tajlandii)
p_nfu.htm (Ukrainian songs - piosenki Ukrainy)
p_nfv.htm (Lithuanian songs - litewskie piosenki)
p_nfw.htm (songs of N. Korea - piosenki Północnej Korei)
p_nfx.htm (untotaliztic songs - nietotaliztyczne piosenki)
p_nfz.htm (Chinese songs - chińskie piosenki)
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