This web page provides the instruction of use and additional explanations for "playlists" of song videos - programmed by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk and available in For English version click on this flagEnglish and Dla polskiej wersji kliknij na ta flagePolish
It is worth reminding readers of my web pages that the print size of many totaliztic web pages, including this one, can be increased up to about 300% of its original size. This in turn allows it to be read easily without the use of glasses. This is because every software used to display web pages has a built-in so-called "zoom". For example, in "Google Chrome" this "zoom" is revealed by clicking on the vertical "three-dot" in the upper right corner of the screen, then the print can be increased or decreased by clicking on the plus or minus of this "zoom". "Firefox" reveals the same "zoom" by clicking there on a three-line dash, while "Internet Explorer" reveals by clicking a "cog" over there. Photos of all totaliztic web pages, including this one, also can be enlarged up to 500% of their original size - which allows to carefully examine all the detains, e.g. face of someone who interests us. The easiest way to enlarge a photo in such a way is to first click on it - so that it appears in a separate window. Then one should (also by clicking) show it to oneself from this separate window on the computer screen. In turn having it on the computer screen, one can open for it the "zoom" which I described above for enlarging the print size of any web page, then by clicking on the + or - of this zoom, one can freely increase or decrease the required photograph located on the screen.

Dear reader. Probably it would be to your advantage if you were aware that the institution of so-called "Internet" for some time already displays behaviours that run against God's commandments and requirements contained in the Bible. However, this should NOT surprise anyone, considering what I documented in {10} to {12} from item #H2 of my web page named bible.htm and in post #354E to blogs of totalizm. The best evidence for this Bible-contrary action of the Internet are my so-called "playlists" - means web pages in which both for my pleasure of leisure listening, as well as for the use of my readers with a similar to mine musical taste, I compiled my most liked songs available for free on the internet. Meanwhile, although the songs that I selected for my "playlists" still exist and are available in the Internet on lists of other authors who repeat a lot of these songs selected for my taste, someone constantly sabotages the operation of my "playlists" - which fact the reader will easily notice if he/she tries to run several of them. So here is the list of all my "playlists" that I developed so-far, while which constantly someone sabotages, and thus the action which can be used for personal checking of the truth of whatever I am repetitively pointing to the attention of my readers.

Here are multi-list "playlists" with favorite melodies of Dr Eng. Jan Pająk, programmed starting from 2014, completely ruined by the "power of evil" until 2019, and again reprogrammed from 2023/4/15 to 2023/4/20 - so that this repetitive ruining them by this power of evil is easier to be identified and repaired:

p_nfa.htm (songs with action - piosenki z akcją)
p_nfb.htm (Bolivian songs - piosenki Boliwii)
p_nfc.htm (classic songs - klasyczne piosenki)
p_nfd.htm (Caporal dances - tańce zwane Caporal)
p_nfe.htm (Eastern songs - piosenki Wschodu)
p_nff.htm (femine dancing groups - żeńskie grupy taneczne)
p_nfg.htm (German-language songs - piosenki niemieckojęzyczne)
p_nfh.htm (neo-medieval songs - tj. piosenki obecnej epoki "neo-średniowiecza") - I described the neo-medieval epoch in more detail e.g. in #K1 and in Tab. #K1 from the web page named tapanui.htm, I also noticed that for similar reasons as for the playlist "p_nfx.htm" songs from this playlist "p_nfh.htm" are sabotaged less frequently than songs from other playlists
p_nfi.htm (Inka walls and songs - piosenki z murami Inków)
p_nfj.htm (Jan's favourite playlists - najbardziej ulubione piosenki Jana)
p_nfl.htm (Latin American music - muzyka Ameryki Łacińskiej)
p_nfm.htm (songs about love - piosenki o miłości)
p_nfn.htm (native songs - piosenki narodowe)
p_nfp.htm (Polish songs - polskie piosenki)
p_nfr.htm (Russian songs - rosyjskie piosenki)
p_nfs.htm (sexy performances - seksowne występy)
p_nft.htm (Thai songs - piosenki Tajlandii)
p_nfu.htm (Ukrainian songs - piosenki Ukrainy)
p_nfv.htm (Lithuanian songs - litewskie piosenki)
p_nfw.htm (songs of N. Korea - piosenki Północnej Korei)
p_nfx.htm (untotaliztic songs - nietotaliztyczne piosenki) - at the time of the latest updating of this web page I checked and again noticed that this playlist "p_nfx.htm" has NOT been sabotaged by evil since it was created many years ago - I suggest the reader to guess "why" and then compare your opinion with my explanation of "why" provided in (#6) below
p_nfz.htm (Chinese songs - chińskie piosenki)

Notice the following remarks (#1) to (#9) about the sabotage of these "playlists":

(#1) Bible informs that every kind of evil can be named, get to know, and eliminated, e.g. see there 10 commandments from the "Book of Exodus", verses 20:3-17.

(#2) Humanity has experienced that every named and already known kind of evil oppressing people (e.g. covid-19, cancer, poisonous snakes, mosquitoes, scorpions, firearms, drugs, cars faster than the reaction of their drivers, tyrants, our morally fallen relatives from Orion planets, etc.) kills as many as several million people before our civilisation learns how to eliminate it.

(#3) The author of this web page discovered, named, learned about and found ways how to eliminate several kinds of evil, e.g. internet in the role of "666", our evil relatives from Orion planets (UFOnauts), lack of "moral energy" (depression, drugs), money, etc. - descriptions of some of them were summarized e.g. in posts #353, #354, #318, #328, #343, #318, #359, and in several others, and on web pages from which these posts were adapted, i.e. in {10} to {12} from item #H2 from the web page bible.htm, in #C6 to #C9 and in #D3 from the web page nirvana.htm, in #J3 to #J3a from the web page faq.htm, etc.

(#4) Probably because the author also discovered the warning contained in verse 13:17-18 from the "Apocalypse of St. John" in the Bible, stating that the Internet is going to carry the fatal for humanity digits "666" predicted in there, and then he published evidence confirming this warning in #H4 to #H4b from his web page named will.htm and in post #353E to blogs of totalizm, while the "identity" and truth about sources of these "666" is explained in {11} and {12} from item #H2 of his web page named bible.htm i we and in post #354E to blogs of totalizm, in the result of this revealing to people the truth, everything that the author publishes in the internet (including playlists of his favorite songs) is subjected by these carriers of "666" to cunning sabotages. So if on any of the above playlists a "skeptical" viewer notices any "playlist" blackened and marked with the inscription "This video is unavailable", then I suggest to check the "truthfulness" of this marking by clicking on refresh or by running individual songs of it, listed on the right side of this "playlist" and provided with links to each of these songs individually.

(#5) So run the author's "playlists" above on your "smart TV" or computer, change the "% zoom" for them (how to change the "zoom" is described at the end of the INTRODUCTION of many my web pages - including this one and e.g. web page petone.htm) so that each song fills the entire screen, then read about the detection and elimination of problems brought to my "playlists" by these "666" already manipulating the Internet - as I explain these sabotages of evil in post #359 to blogs of totalizm and in #J3 to #J3a of the web page faq.htm.

(#6) The Polish proverb "devils do NOT harm evil" (in Polish: "złego diabli NIE biorą") really works in practice - the proof of which is my "playlist" p_nfx.htm (untotaliztic songs). Unlike other "playlists" above, since from the moment of its creation many years ago, until the reprogramming of above "playlists" described here around 2023/4/17, this only "playlist" was NOT sabotaged by the internet evil "666" even a single time. I wonder if the reader will know or guess why? This is probably because of the same principle of work of evil, for example item #A5 from the web page totalizm_pl.htm indicates one short selectively searching command, which allows to find almost all videos from that show a fragment of a carnival in Brazil, supposedly illustrating the mocking of Jesus (although the persecution of Jesus by powers of evil is also described in the Bible) - i.e. this item #A5 indicates a command e.g. in the form: After all, if the power of evil manages to convince people that these videos are a mockery of Jesus, then this will support atheism on Earth and weaken the faith in God - which is one of the main goals of the evil discussed here. Simultaneously, the "" software completely does NOT allow to develop a single search command, which would "selectively" indicate almost all videos showing temples and churches that were missed by various cataclysms that completely destroyed their surroundings - although in there is also a lot of such videos showing undestroyed temples or churches standing in the middle of a field of ruins, and although today's computers can be programmed to precisely carry out any laborious "selective" actions and searches. The point of this disallowing is that seeing such temples and churches protected from destruction, surrounded by ruins, would weaken atheism and would promote faith in God. Thus, in order to find almost all of them, the same power of evil makes sure that a huge amount of work and time must be put into manually searching separately for each such undamaged church or temple. Notice that above I am emphasizing the word selectiveness because selectiveness is an attribute of the work of intelligence, and thus noticing any form of selectiveness, e.g. in destruction, is always the key to distinguishing evil intentionally done, from evil that occurred because of accidents and coincidences. For example, in 2023 the city of Auckland in New Zealand was selectively flooded several times by by unusually powerful rains. So although employees of the "official atheistic science" claim that these flooding rains in Auckland are just "coincidences" caused by climate changes, knowing that Auckland is the industrial and productive "powerhouse" of New Zealand, and seeing that it is repetitively and "selectively" flooded by such unusual rains, it is easy to guess that in fact both, it as well as the entire New Zealand, are secretly attacked by these "powers of evil" described in my publications - including descriptions in notes (#1) to (#9) here. The circumstantial evidence that additionally confirms such secrete attacks on New Zealand is that in a similar manner was ruined the "fruit basked" of New Zealand by the cyclone Gabrielle (although the small township of Petone located not far from this "fruit basket" was saved by God - as described in INTRODUCTION to web page petone.htm), and also was ruined the "bread basket" of New Zealand - namely the fertail Canterbury Plains. All these flooded areas are extremely vital for New Zealand economy.

(#7) On Thursday, 2023/4/20, I was surprised by the fury and ferocity with which evil powers try to prevent the correct work of my song "playlists". This is because on that day I just finished reprogramming all the above "playlists", so that again all of them started to work properly and I could return to enjoy listening to the most favorite songs and music that I reprogrammed into them. This reprogramming was very laborious and took me as many as six days of work. The awareness that I had just completed it brought me a significant relief. However, my relief was very short-lived, because immediately then I noticed with a shock that all my "playlists" which only a short time before were working, even if only partially, suddenly ceased to work - including also these "playlists" to which links are provided in the next part of this web page and on web pages provided below in (#9), and also including links to all videos run by the HTML iframe instruction, that I programmed into many descriptive web pages of totalizm, e.g. in web pages portfolio.htm, and magnocraft.htm. Instead of the "screen that initiates" these videos, everywhere there are only white squares which mean that in them the iframe instruction that downloads these videos from "" does NOT work on all my web pages. What even is worse, there are many ways of sabotaging my web pages in such a way, while I was unable to discover "how" these powers of evil carried out this massive sabotage. So the next night I could NOT sleep knowing what such a clever sabotage means. Analyzing in my mind "where" this sabotage took place, I logically eliminated possibilities (a) and (b) which since 24 December 2004 are described in item #J2 from my web page named faq.htm - i.e. I eliminated (a) the sabotage carried out on the server , and (b) the sabotage carried out in my computer with the use of the so-called sabotage loop (tamper loop) known to me for so long. This is because thinking "how" these evil powers managed to accomplish all this, these two possibilities logically needed to be eliminated. After all, if this sabotage was programmed e.g. (a) into the distribution software from "", then the programming of the sabotage "on the server side" could one day become known. This in turn could open eyes of too many people to the role and activities of the institution which according to the Bible in the future will bear the mark of the beast "666". In turn, if this sabotage was carried out (b) in my computer with the so-called sabotage loop - then knowing inside out my programs that I personally designed, programmed, and update, I would detect it almost immediately. So this means that this hidden sabotage must have been done outside of the server and outside of my computer somehow, but it only manifested itself inside my computer. So in order to find an answer to this "how" it was done, that night I decided to put myself in the situation (shoes) of these powers of evil. After all, I already know well that their couriers through time can travel through time, while their changelings in fact manage our entire civilization (the Bible, e.g. in verse 12:31 from "John" reveals to us that their leader is the ruler of this world). So I asked myself the question "how" I would act if I was in their situation, i.e. if I could travel through time and have their technology and power, while trying to obtain similar effects in my computer. Asking the right questions always produces also the required good results. This question caused that the inspiration quickly came to my mind, that probably they sent their couriers through time to times in the past, when the iframe instruction was just being created, and ordered their own rulers from that time to change the format of this instruction. Because, as I explained this in items #I1 to #I5 from my web page 1985_theory_of_everything.htm and from entries #345E and #346E to blogs of totalizm, for reasons of the lack of error of so-called the "redundancy of data", no-one apart from my computer experienced that such a change of the iframe format took place - thus its introduction in the past immediately sabotaged in my computer everything that used iframe instruction. So when this inspiration came to my mind, I checked in the Internet "whether" and possibly "how" this current iframe format differs from the one that I used. And in fact the difference was significant. After correcting it in my web pages, they again were able to run videos from "". Only that having hundreds of places on various web pages of totalizm where this iframe instruction is used, now it will take me many months to fix them all. This whole experience only strengthened my concern about the future fate of humanity, which I have been predicting and describing for a long time on my web page named 2030_uk.htm and in our film of 2018/5/6 (in Polish but with English subtitles) entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (which title means: "The Great Purification of 2030s"). After all, the today's passivity of people and their stubborn ignoring the existence of occupation, exploitation, and destruction of the Earth by our morally decadent relatives from the planet Orion remind me of those film scenes from "westerns" - in which cowboys are driving to the slaughterhouse a herd of cattle NOT aware of their very close fate, while the cowboys who are driving them are already enjoying the thoughts of money, pleasures and debauchery that driving this cattle to the slaughterhouse is going to bring them. So let us pray to God to inspire us to open our eyes, and to inspire our morally decadent relatives to abandon their parasitic activities, and in the name of our relationship to undertake with us the life according to our God's commandments and requirements for our and their own good, benefits and a better future. After all, both the Bible, as well as algorithms of totaliztic karma and the philosophy of totalizm of 1985, and, moreover, the empirical experiences of human life, recorded e.g. with the content of numerous proverbs, all unanimously prove that evil done to one's neighbours always returns to the person who caused it after the "time of return" elapses.

(#8) The sabotage of "playlists" and other links to videos from can be more easily detected and eliminated if several different methods of finding and launching the same video are combined together - to which method of repairing evil done I currently reprogram in my "playlists" and websites. (Notice that in my web pages so reprogrammed, every video from can now be run in two or three different ways.) After all, then it suffices to individually run (test) videos linked in there to detect "whether" and possibly "which one" of them is source of the problem. So, if the viewer notices on my web pages this kind of sabotage, I would appreciate of letting me know where problem was discovered, and I will try to quickly repair it. My main problem is that, apart from research, I have no time for additional, constantly repeated testing of my web pages whether everything in them still works correctly.

(#9) Since 5 October 2014 there are two web pages, namely the Polish-language p_instrukcja.htm and the English-language p_instruction.htm. Both of these web pages present the most important information about "playlists" with songs and music that I like to listen to for relaxation and pleasure. They also describe how from the very first moment of my creation of these "playlists" with a huge fury and ferocity they were sabotaged, blocked, and disgusted by powers of evil. Although everything that I write and disseminate is also viciously sabotaged by these powers of evil, for some reasons unknown to me the "playlists" concentrate the greatest destructive power of these our fallen relatives from the planets of Orion.

Song "playlists" on "" with a column of songs:
(Links to column-shaped "playlists")
for "smart" TVs and PCs):

Polish folk songs in Polish (p_l.htm)
and in English (p_e.htm)
Songs with "action" (p_a.htm)
Favourite songs of my cats-loving wife Sue (p_c.htm)
My favourite songs (p_j.htm)
Songs about love (p_m.htm)
Sexy songs (p_s.htm)
Songs with "Umf" (p_u.htm)

Video lists - fullscreen "playlists" (for"smart" TVs and PCs):

p_12fa.htm (12-action)
p_12fb.htm (12-Bolivian)
p_12fc.htm (12-classic)
p_12fd.htm (12-Caporal)
p_12fe.htm (12-Eastern)
p_12ff.htm (12-femine)
p_12fg.htm (12-German)
p_12fh.htm (12-neo-medieval)
p_12fi.htm (12-Inka)
p_12fj.htm (12-Jan's favourite playlists)
p_12fk.htm (12-paintings)
p_12fl.htm (12-Latin American)
p_12fm.htm (12-love)
p_12fn.htm (12-native)
p_12fp.htm (12-Polish)
p_12fr.htm (12-Russian)
p_12fs.htm (12-sexy)
p_12ft.htm (12-Thai)
p_12fu.htm (12-Ukrainian)
p_12fv.htm (12-Lithuanian)
p_12fw.htm (12-Korean)
p_12fx.htm (12-untotaliztic)
p_12fy.htm (12-Yes dance)
p_12fz.htm (12-Chinese)

p_12pf.htm (12-portfolios)
p_12f3.htm (12-3D)
djp.htm (dorobek-JP)

Links to "playlists" on "" subdiving the screen into:
4 totaliztic (p_4.htm)
4 Russian (p_4r.htm)
11 totaliztic (p_12.htm)
11 action (p_12a.htm)
11 Bolivian (p_12b.htm)
11 classic (p_12c.htm)
11 femine (p_12f.htm)
11 neo-medieval (p_12h.htm)
11 Jan's favourite (p_12j.htm)
11 Latin American (p_12l.htm)
11 love (p_12m.htm)
11 native (p_12n.htm)
11 Polish (p_12p.htm)
11 sexy (p_12s.htm)
11 untotaliztic (p_12x.htm)
p_l.htm (6-Pl) i p_e.htm (6-Uk)
p_12ff.htm (12-femine)
djp.htm (dorobek-JP)

Songs about the "Inca Wall", as well as illustrations and descriptions how it was created:

Songs in: or or or or
An illustration of the creation of the "Inca Wall" on a 17-second video: "Wall 4K" at the address
being a clipping from a 34-minute video "Future Propulsions" (Napędy Przyszłości) at the address
Item #J4.6 of the web page propulsion.htm which describes the creation of "Inca Walls" through the programming of counter-matter.

Part #A: The instruction of use of "playlists" (programmed by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk) with song-videos from the

Motto: "In every intelligently designed system, the operation of which is the combination of outcomes from the work of its hardware and software, the independent from time defects, faults, disadvantages and limitations of the hardware can be eliminated through the appropriate programming of the software of that system."

       #A0: Introduction. This web page is dedicated to one of my own examples of the practical implementation of the principle of work of our physical reality, which I expressed in the above motto, i.e. the principle that "independent from time defects, faults, drawbacks and limitations of every hardware can be eliminated through the appropriate design of the software that controls the behaviour of this hardware". (Another of my own example of the implementation of the same principle is provided e.g. on the web page named all_in_one.htm.) After all, this principle is already proven by whatever we know about the universe around us. For example, the entire physical world that we know, with all its complex phenomena, God created through the intelligent programming of only one capability of the counter-matter, i.e. its ability to perform the movements ordered to it by the software contained in the memory of this counter-matter - as this is explained, amongst others, in items #A1 and #G4 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, and in items #A1 as well as #C1 to #C4 from my web page named soul_proof.htm. This is why both the philosophy of totalizm, and also the Concept of Dipolar Gravity can now authoritatively state that all the phenomena of our physical world are merely manifestations of different behaviours of always the same counter-matter. On the other hand, for example, the today's computer hardware actually also has only one capability, namely it only is able to add two binary numbers to each other. So only due to the appropriate programming of today's computer software, that with this one highly limited hardware capability to add two binary numbers, the humanity has acquired all this huge range of additional features of today's computers, from which we currently benefit, and which in the future will still be expanded further. Thus, one of my own examples of the practical implementation of the same principle of the software elimination of faults, drawbacks and limitations of hardware, are the described here "playlists" which I personally programmed. They eliminate a number of faults, drawbacks and limitations from the hardware of today's so-called "smart" TVs. What are these faults, drawbacks and limitations of today's "smart" TVs, this is described in items #A9 and #A10 from this "part #A" of the web page and also in the whole "part #B" of it. However, since the principle from this motto is rather complex, a full discussion of it requires extensive descriptions. That's why this web page is subdivided into three parts - namely:
"Part #A" (i.e. this one), in which mainly is provided the instruction of use of my "playlists", and I also provided to all the "playlists" which I programmed so-far (and there are already quite a few of these). After all, the most of readers of this web page will be interested in just learning of this instruction and/or links, so that they are able to enjoy the pleasure of watching videos which I already programmed. Moreover, even those readers, who wish to benefit from the gift described in "part #C" of this web page, taking the form of a source program, that can teach them to program own "playlists" similar to mine ones, also should first learn how these "playlists" look and work, before they attempt to program their own one.
"Part #B" (next), in which I explained the vital facts related to the creation of my "playlists" - i.e. I explained, amongst other, why I put so much effort into the preparation and dissemination of these "playlists", what defects of "smart" TVs my "playlists" eliminate, what causes that the most obvious amongst these defects were NOT removed at the level of design of hardware for these supposedly "smart" TVs, etc., etc.
"Part #C" (the last one), in which I provided my free gift to the reader of this web page, i.e. I provided a simplified version of the source program for my "playlist" in HTML, along with descriptions of how even the reader NOT familiar with programming should be able to transform this program into his/her own "playlist", which will include songs from the YouTube that this reader likes the most, and which will work on the "smart" TV, or PC, owned by this reader.
       I am starting this web page here in item #A1, from providing the instruction of use of the "playlists" which I programmed myself and which accordingly to the spirit of my philosophy of totalizm I am making available now for free to everyone who wants to use them - so that these playlists can make more pleasant also the life to other people. So here is the instruction of how to use my "playlists":
* * *
       #A1: The English name "playlist" is assigned to the list of songs, or pieces of music, which are prepared individually by a specific author and hence are adapted to own musical taste of that author. Because every person has a slightly different musical taste, which is the reflection of the condition and content of his/her soul, NOT all "playlists" will be liked by everyone. Therefore, it is best if each person prepares his/her own "playlist" - how it can be done, I will explain this here in the future. This instruction describes the use of a series of such "totaliztic playlists", with videos of songs, which were programmed by me to make simpler the playing of these songs on my LG "smart" TV and on my PC computer. Hence, it would be advisable that the reader has read this instruction before he/she uses my "playlists". In particular, it would be advisable to learn about these numerous benefits offered by my "playlists" to those users, who are to play them on their "smart" TVs by "LG" - for descriptions of these benefits see paragraphs #A10 and #A9 below, and also see the entire "part #B" of this web page. The series of "playlists" described here I (i.e. Dr Jan Pająk) programmed myself. Thus, I know that these "playlists" fulfil a whole array of requirements, in return making available to their users a number of benefits, which I will describe in more detail near the end of this instruction - i.e. describe immediately after explaining in paragraphs #A2 to #A6 how to use these "playlists". After all, the "playlists" are NOT only adapted to my musical taste, but they also meet a whole range of strict moral requirements imposed onto them because they are "totaliztic playlists", and furthermore they must meet the programming requirements (e.g. do NOT expose the computer of users to viruses), the copyright requirements (e.g. do NOT support someone's gaining profits at all costs), configuration requirements, etc.
       #A2: Starting my "playlist" on "smart" TVs from "LG". Most of benefits from the use of my "playlists" gain users of "smart" (i.e. "intelligent") television sets by the Korean company named "LG". The reasons for these benefits are described in more detail in items #A10 and #A9 near the end of this web page. The only thing that is required to make my "playlist" run on these "smart" TVs from "LG", is to turn on the work of their buil-in browser, and then type in the address window of that browser one of the web addresses on which my "playlists" are available - for example, the address:,,
or the address,
and then click the command "run". After the web page from that address (i.e. the web page containing my "playlist") appears on the TV screen, this address can be then ordered to be saved in that TV by clicking on the icon "bookmarks" from this browser. After it is saved, any further use of the same address can be induced by a single click of the remote controller of that TV. Notice here that my "playlists" are based on the use of song videos played live from the "". Thus, in order these songs can be quickly downloaded from the Internet, without the need to interrupt them and to wait until the internet keeps up with their transfer while playing, using my "playlists" is helped when "smart" TVs are connected to a relatively speedy internet, about which we already know that it allows to play videos from (e.g. connected to the so-called. "broadband").
       #A3: Starting my "playlists" on PC computers. On a PC my "playlists" work perfectly - if they are run under the browser called "Google Chrome" (version 2011 or later). The icon of this browser is present on the screens of almost all modern PCs. (A new browser "Google Chrome" can also be downloaded for free from the Internet.) In order my "playlists" are run on a PC, one simply needs to type one of the addresses listed in item #A2 above into the address window of the "Google Chrome" browser, and then press the "Enter" key of the computer. Similarly as it is the case with "smart" TVs from "LG", an uninterrupted work of my "playlists" is helped when the PC is connected to a relatively speedy internet, about which we know that it allows to play-well videos from
       #A4: Hassle-free trial runs of my "playlists" on "smart" TVs of any other company than the "LG" on any other computer than a PC, or any other browser than "Google Chrome". Websites containing my "playlists" (i.e. from addresses listed in item #A2 above) are programmed with a highly secure and widely used language called "HTML". This language has been designed specifically to NOT be prone to causing problems on computers on which it is run. That's why work of my web pages with "playlists" can also be tried without problems on every possible "intelligent" device connected to the Internet, for example on every computer and TV, and on every possible search engine that this device has. The procedure is then similar to that described in #A2 and #A3 above. If it turns out during such a trying, that these "playlists" operate on a given "smart" TV, computer, or browser, then you can start to use them for free whenever you wish.
       #A5: The instruction of use of all the "playlists" of my authorship is simple. After all, I deliberately prepared these playlists in such a way that they are maximally "user friendly". And so, when loaded into a computer, or a "smart" TV, every "playlist" automatically launches its first song. Once this song finishes, the user can run another song from the left column that he/she chooses, by clicking on it with the mouse (or with controller of a "smart" TV). Then the user can run the next song - and so-on, until he/she reaches the end of that "playlist". At the end one can click onto another "playlist" of his/her choice, run by a green link listed at the end of the right-hand column - which clicking will shift the user to the next playlist where he/she can repeat the playing. On each "playlist" the user can also click on links of "untotaliztic" songs from the right column - and also listen to these songs. However, the user should bear in mind that these links from the right column work on a different principle described in item #A10 of this web page, so if someone imposes pirated advertisements on the YouTube songs, then these advertisements can, for example, suspend the work of a "smart" TV. The first and every other song can also be stopped at any time through clicking on it with the mouse or the TV remote controller. At the bottom of each window with the individual songs are visible small icons that allow one to control their playing out. So in order, for example, to move (extend) the song to the size of the entire screen from a TV or a computer, at the bottom of the window one needs to click on the right-most square icon symbolizing the TV or the computer screen. (The size of video can then be reduced, if on the computers one presses the "Escape" key, while on "LG" TVs one moves the cursor to the centre of the upper rim of the screen.) YouTube has also a habit of attaching small advertisements (but programmed properly and thus not jamming TVs) to their videos. These advertisements typically obscure the bottom part of the video. However, they can be deleted by clicking on the x visible in their upper-right corner. Each underlined writing on my "playlists", and also each photograph, is a link - which, after clicking with mouse on it, opens up something connected with it. I especially recommend clicking on the links of the green colour, because they always offer something new and interesting. In addition, I carefully prepared a whole series of my "playlists" on the same principles and in the same format. Thus, even if the reader do NOT know Polish, still after learning how to use my English "playlists", e.g. on the example of my "playlist" that is written in English, he/she then can just as easily listen to my other playlist already written in the Polish language (in this way learn a bit of Polish language and culture).
       #A6: Reducing or increasing the size of window. In computers the window with the display of this instruction, and also with any amongst my "playlists", can be reduced, so that it gives to it (or to them) the ability to place next to each other on the same computer screen, or to place next to whatever the user is currently doing on the computer. In order to reduce it, the user must first click on the small square that appears in the upper-right corner of the window/page with this instruction or a "playlist" (i.e. the one between the minus and the red x for the deletion of the page). This click is to switch the display mode to allow reduction. Then the user have to catch with the mouse the bottom-right corner of the window/page and reduce it or increase it to the required size. Finally, after capturing with the mouse the blue bar at the top of window the user can move the so reduced window anywhere within the computer screen. To restore the window back to a full computer screen, just click on the same square in the upper-right corner of the window.
       #A7: A "totaliztic playlist" can be defined as: the list of songs or music that is characterized by compliance with the criteria of morality described by the Bible and by the philosophy totalizm, the playing of which songs transmits to the listener a particular kind of moral energy popularly known as the "umf", "wow", or "X factor", which positively inspire the listener and do NOT cause in him/her negative side effects, and which are adapted to the musical taste of the listener." An example of the first "playlist" of the totaliztic video songs suited to my musical taste, the reader can hear through the web page named p_e.htm. Therein the reader can later click on the links to further my "playlists" of the same format, which this first playlist indicate. (Note that one amongst these "playlists" is written and available in Polish.) My "playlists" can be loaded from all addresses, the links to which in "Menu 3" from my web pages are provided under the heading "(On paid servers:)" and "(On free hosting but with FTP:)".
       #A8: The untotaliztic playlists. A reversals of "playlists" with totaliztic songs are "playlists" with untotaliztic songs. These have that property, that in some way they break requirements imposed by the Bible or by the philosophy of totalizm. For example, they may harm the brain of the listener - as this is done e.g. by the music called "heavy metal". Or their content is immoral. Or their videos whow immoral behaviours or scenes. Etc., etc. It so happens that such "untotaliztic songs" is several times more that the totaliztic ones - adding another confirmation for the truth of popular saying that "all that I enjoy is either immoral, illegal, or makes me fat", usually attributed to Dorothy Parker. Interestingly, the immorality of such untotaliztic songs may be due to the lack of even the most basic knowledge about principles of work of the moral mechanisms in creators of these songs - e.g. the knowledge which is described, amongst others, in item #J1 from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. This is because in many of immoral songs is lacking really very little to turn them into moral ones. For example, if to the end of repetitive part from the loved by me song "J'en Ai Marre" (available, amongst others, at the address, while listed on second position of my list of "sexy songs" - p_12s.htm), is added a statement of the type "thus I start to eliminate all these now", then from the current immoral and untotaliztic song, it would transform into a moral and totaliztic one. (After all, the mechanisms of morality do NOT approve only someone's complains NOT supported by an active action.) For educational purposes, to the series of my "playlists" I deliberately included also some, that contain examples of musically nice songs, but which do NOT meet moral requirements imposed on videos of the "totaliztic songs" - for their example see p_12x.htm. Furthermore, already at present I am adding to the lists of songs from each "two-colum" playlist, numerous links which in the right-column are labeled with the English header "Untotaliztic". These links indicate examples of songs within my music taste (i.e. to which I like to listen), but which violate various totaliztic rules or requirements. Reader can look at them to get to know them, and to guess which rules of totalizm they break. After all, totalizm does NOT ban the listening to something, that contains some features which are inconsistent with the principles of totalizm, if the listener is conscious which are these harmful features, and if the listening to them brings in total more benefits than harm (only untotaliztic songs from that category I included into my "playlists" under the headings "Untotaliztic").
       #A9: The use of my "playlists" on "smart" TVs of the Korean company "LG" (and probably also on "smart" TVs of other companies). The impulse and the reason why I went through the laborious development of a whole series of my own "playlists" just for the browser which in PCs called "Google Chrome", is that in late 2013 I bought the so-called "smart" TV " of type 42LA6230-TB from the Korean company "LG". This TV is connected to the Internet, and has its own browser - which turns out to work like a slightly simplified version of the "Google Chrome". The watching of videos downloaded directly from is a great pleasure on this "smart" TV. After all, the "smart" TV gives a much larger picture of an incomparably better quality than PC. Unfortunately, typing into the browser of this TV the address of whatever on the Yourtube one wants to see, is a very cumbersome and slow process. In addition, pirated advertisements added to videos downloaded from frequently suspend the work of "smart" TV - as this is explained in the next paragraph #A10. Hence, I decided to program several of my own "playlists" in such a way, that I could play my favourite songs on that "smart" TV after just a single click of the TV's remote controller. In addition, a different way I programmed my "playlists", so that songs are "embedded" instead of being "linked", causes the confusion in programs which automatically add pirated advertisements to videos linked from As a result, these pirated advertisements are NOT added to "totaliztic videos" run from the right column of my "playlists", and thus these advertisements are NOT suspending the work of my "LG" smart TV. Thus, in fact my "playlists" were purposely programmed for the "smart" TVs from "LG" in such a way, that they increase the benefits from the use of these TVs - although the programming of these "playlists" is such, that they also work on PCs, if they are run under "Google Chrome" browser, and probably also run on the "smart" TVs from other companies than "LG", and perhaps even on computers other than a PC. Therefore, of course, NOT only the owners of PCs, but also all the readers who have "smart" TVs from "LG", can also use my "playlists" if they want - and this is for free. (Although I am NOT sure what web browsers are used by "smart" TVs other than of LG , I suspect, however, that these browsers are also similar to "Google Chrome". If this proves to be true, then the benefits from the use of my "playlists" can also be harvested by the users of "smart" TVs of companies other than "LG" - so it is worth that such a use is verified by readers on their TVs.)
       #A10: The elimination of the suspension of work of "smart" TVs by pirated advertisements, and the detection of presence of such pirated advertisements. I do not know how the addition of pirated advertisements looks-like in the country of the reader of this instruction. However, as I experienced myself empirically, in at least one country of the world, to earn a few extra bucks, someone who has an access to the Internet transmission lines, introduces badly programmed pirated advertisements to almost every song that users download from the . In this way, this someone probably is breaking copyrights of owners of this song, redirects to itself a part of the revenue from (which, after all, lives from such own ads imposed onto those songs), and furthermore, with the badly programmed advertisements that someone sabotages also the work of e.g. "smart" TVs, whose operation is often suspended by these adds. (In turn, due to suspending the operation of those TVs, that someone is ruining the reputation of producers of these TVs.) For the user is also highly discouraging that almost every video viewed from the has imposed onto it at least two advertisements, one of which is such a pirated advertisement that promotes some local products or services, while the second one is the global advertisement that is added by the What even worse, these pirated advertisements typically are very carelessly programmed. Thus, if they are run on a small memory, then they suspend the work of the device. Unfortunately it so happens that, e.g. the today's "smart" TVs have just a very small working memory. Thus, because of these carelessly programmed pirated advertisements, the watching of videos linked from the becomes almost impossible on "smart" TVs, because these advertisements every now and again suspend the operation of the TVs and thus because of them one has to turn off the TV repeatedly and "boot" it again from the scratch. My "playlists", however, are programmed in such a way, that all the videos shown in small windows opened by them - means those ones that in "two-column" playlists are shown in the left column (i.e. those that one can see after one loads any of my "playlists") are NOT loaded into the TV on a "linking" principle, but use a different principle called "embedded". Only videos listed in "green" colour in the right column of my "two-column" playlists are loaded on the principle of "linking". Meanwhile, these pirated advertisements so far are unable to notice these "embedded" videos and automatically attach themselves to them. This means, that in spite of the existence of these pirated advertisements carelessly programmed, which suspend work of "smart" TVs, my "playlists" allow for uninterrupted playing of videos visible in their open windows, without the risk that these videos will suspend the work of a "smart" TVs. Only the videos that are run through the green links from the right column of my "two-column" playlists are "linked" and thus their running is threatened with suspension by such pirated TV advertisements. But what is most important, through the use in my "two-column" playlists as many as two different techniques of running the videos, one can easily check, whether in his or her country someone is adding pirated advertisements to videos downloaded from the . Namely, if the videos run from the left column of my "two-column" playlist DO NOT suspend his or her TV, while videos run by green links from the right column of my "two-column" playlists cause frequent crashes of work of his/her "smart" TV, then this means that in his/her country someone adds pirated advertisements to videos played from the . (Hence, in order to avoid suspending his/her "smart" TV, that user should only watch videos from windows of my "playlists", i.e. those from the left column of my "two-column" playlists, or all of videos from my 4-song and 11-song playlists, or just watch the videos loaded with only "embedded" technique from the "playlists" which this user himself/herself programs on the example of my "playlist" - i.e. in accordance with the gift described in "part #C" of this web page.) On the other hand, if the videos played in both these ways do NOT suspend TV's, then this means that all the advertisements that appear on these videos are well programmed probably designed by the knowing their stuff programmers from the . I should also add here that these poorly programmed pirated advertisements typically do NOT suspend the work of PCs with a large memory - thus whatever I explained above typically does NOT apply to the discomfort of watching video from the on small screens of home computers. In a distant future, when "smart" TVs will get as big operating memory as computers, probably there will also NOT be suspended by today's badly programmed pirated advertisements - although in those days, probably there will be other pirated advertisements that for different reasons will also suspend future "smart" TVs.
       The above should be complemented with the information that "whoever" is connected to the Internet transmission lines to impose these pirated advertisements onto videos of songs from, probably is NOT limiting the intervention to only such advertising. This is because all the facts seem to indicate that this intervention goes much further. After all, only with it can be explained instances of the selected blocking of user's access to certain addresses, which depends on the sending of invalid "server's security certificate" with the "ancient" date of January 1, 1970. In turn, such sending of invalid "server's security certificate", always causes that the user's access to a given internet site is blocked, while instead of being connected to the selected address, on the user's screen appears the message of "Security Error" shown below on photograph from Fig. #A1a. If the "server's security certificate" was really sent by the server of the user, then this message of the "Security Error" should appear consistently at every attempt to connect to the Internet - and later it would disappear forever when the server's problem has already been fixed. However, as I noted, this outdated "server's security certificate" is sent only when the user's connection to the selected server is to be interrupted for some contradictive to moral criteria reasons. For example, in my own case it is sent only when something agreeable with the criteria of morality, what I have just published on the internet, clearly "stamps on toes of someone very important and influential". (E.g. for cases when I try to connect to YouTube, this message of the "Security Error" began to appear only when on 27th November 2014, in addition to the Polish language version of this web page, I also published on the internet completely translated into English the English version of the entire this web page - which also included translated only then to English: the above its item #A10 and parts #B and #C.)

Fig. #A1a
Fig. #A1a. Here is a photograph of the message "Security Error", which sometimes appears on my screen. The appearance of it seems to coincide in time with cases, when acting exactly like it is recommended to me by the morally correct criteria of the philosophy of totalizm I accidentally wake up from a sleep the someone's "immoral reasons" to block my internet connections with the selected address. For my attempts to connect to YouTube this message began to appear soon after I published in the internet on 27th November 2014 the English version of this web page, with the completely translated then into English: item #A10 and parts #B and #C. The message of alleged "Security Error" states the following – I am quoting the content of it visible on the photograph above (by the way, my system clock is set correctly on the current date and time):
The server's security certificate is not yet valid!
You attempted to reach but the server presented a certificate that is not yet valid. No information is available to indicate whether that certificate can be trusted. Chromium cannot reliably guarantee that you are communicating with and not an attacker. Your computer clock is currently set to Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:09:37 AM. Does that look right? If not, you should correct your system's clock and then refresh this page. You cannot proceed because the website operator has requested heightened security for this domain.

       #A11: All of these benefits are gratis - that is, free of charge! I believe that in everything that I do in the first place I serve God, and then I serve to other people - as it is recommended by the philosophy of totalizm. Of course, it is impossible to serve God and other people, if one intends to profit from whatever he/she does. Therefore, everything that bears the "seal (stamp) of moral correctness" (i.e. everything that bears this white-red elliptical "logo of totalizm" which is visible at the bottom of this web page), is always offered "in the totaliztic manner", means for free. Thus for free are available NOT only all monographs, publications and descriptions of totalizm, but also the described here "playlists". So to NOT scare readers that for something they may have to pay, intentionally I do NOT placed the "copyright" reservations onto this web page, nor on my "playlists" - although when readers ate to recommend these "playlists" to their friends or family members, then I would very much like that in their recommendations they mentioned any of such words as "totalizm", "totaliztic songs", "totaliztic playlists", or mentioned already permanently connected to the philosophy of totalizm. my name "Dr Eng. Jan Pajak". This is because in fact, on my "playlists" there is a lot of what could be a subject to copyrights. For example, these "playlists" indicate an innovative way to show how one can expand the capabilities of all "smart" TVs. They also reveal the manner in which it is possible to eliminate the problems that now plague the use of such "smart" TVs, i.e. such nuisance problems as laborious typing letter-by-letter web addresses from which one wants to watch something, as regurgitation of watched videos with countless advertisements, as suspending the work of these "smart" TVs by pirated and poorly programmed advertisements, etc. My "playlists" also offer software examples for "smart" TVs from "LG" (and probably also for "smart" TVs from other companies) written in a simple programming language called HTML - that is, in the simplest of the currently used programming languages (which language is deliberately kept simplest so that it is prevented from embedding computer viruses into it). They reveal models for programming similar "playlists" for other "smart" TVs. They provide an example and model for programming own playlists by the reader, which will meet his/her individual taste for music. Etc., etc. In the "part #C" of this web page is already included a description as to how any reader can simply program DIY ("do it yourself") his/her own "playlist", similar to p_e.htm (or more specifically to p_l.htm in the Polish language), which I am gifting to readers together with this instruction - only that it is programmed in the manner which is simpler and easier to alter than the playlists listed in item #A14. The description from "part #C" I also tried to prepare in such a way that the programming of own "playlists" should NOT require the prior knowledge of the programming language. All this I make available here for free - in the hope that in these difficult and troubled times it will improve the quality of someone's life.
       #A12: The updates of my "playlists". We live in times of human greed, when a lot of people would sell their own mother and father just to earn a few dollars. Also, there is less and less people in the world, who are willing to share with others the fruits of their own work for free, as recommended by the philosophy of totalizm, and as does the author of "playlists" described here. But it so happens, that the songs (especially these popular ones) are the source of considerable profits - and simultaneously in their creation is always involved a lot of people, each one of whom may lay claims to these profits. For example, someone has written the words, but someone else is a composer of music, and the songs themselves are usually done by multiple members of bands and in addition are recorded by a music company or by a TV station. In turn all these people and all these institutions have the appetite for the income that the song can bring. For these reasons, a significant proportion of song-videos available for free in due to generosity of one group of people, quickly become a target of protests of other group of people - who want to somehow monetize it. As a result, a wide variety of song-videos continually are suspended and removed from, while my "playlists" should constantly be updated. However, in order to update them, I would have to constantly test their accuracy - for what typically I do NOT have enough time, as I am rather a highly busy person. Thus, if I myself do NOT discover that some video from my "playlist" has already been removed from the, then typically I do NOT know that I should update it. Therefore, if the reader discovers that the song which he/she likes, has been removed from the, and hence should be updated on my "playlist", or that a problem in the indicated "playlist" is in need of repair, then please let me know which song or what is the problem, by sending an email to me at the first, and therefore the most frequently checked amongst my addresses listed in item #L3 from my autobiographical web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm - (which at the time of the last update of this we page was the address However, writing to me, please remember that I am typically a very busy person and I probably will NOT have enough time to reply to your email, although the fact that the email came to me, you can learn when the problem postulated in the email is corrected.
       #A13: History. The reader can also be interested in descriptions of the history of the first amongst my "playlists". The reader will find these descriptions in item #L2 from the web page named wszewilki_uk.htm and in caption under "Fig. #D1" from the web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm.
       #A14: Links to my "two-column" playlists. Until the time of last update of this instruction, I had programmed 7 "playlists" - from which I recommend learning how to use them. Here are the green links to each one of them. After the clicking on the selected link, the list to which it links should start and work - especially if the user runs it on PC under the browser named "Google Chrome", or runs it under the browser from a "smart" TV produced by "LG" (notice that below after every green link is also explained the essence of the dominant feature of songs from that particular "playlist"):
Polish folk songs (p_e.htm) (i.e. an English "playlist" with videos of "Polish folk songs")
"Polskie piosenki ludowe" (p_l.htm) (i.e. a web page written in Polish, with the same "Polish folk songs")
"Umf factor" songs (p_u.htm) (i.e. these songs transmitt an unique energy which in Malaysia is called "umf")
Sexy songs (p_s.htm) (i.e. songs with an erotic content or performance)
Action songs (p_a.htm) (i.e. songs with the interesting action in content or performance)
Jan's favourite songs (p_j.htm) (i.e. my most favourite songs)
Love songs (p_m.htm) (i.e. songs about love)
Notice here, however, that the second of these "playlists" is written in the Polish language, although when someone learns in English how they all work, then it can be also used the same as the English ones.
       #A15: Links to "multiple-window" playlists. All playlists from the previous item #A14 had their song-videos arranged in the vertical column of a two-column table. However, there may be more handy to display many songs simultaneously on the same screen, and then to play the selected one amongst them with a single click - without the need to move the entire playlist over the screen. Therefore, in order to allow for such an arrangement, I programmed yet another kind of "playlist", which shows either 4 songs, or 11 songs, at the same time, automatically starting the first of them, and later allowing the user to start with a single click the selected another amongst the rest of them. When each of these songs is finished, in its place images of next similar songs show up - which can also be downloaded and run with a single click. That differently pre-programmed multiple-window playlists can be initiated by clicking onto the following links (I suggest that the reader also checks it out). For 4-sogs "playlist" onto:
4 totaliztic (p_4.htm)
4 Russian songs (p_4r.htm)
In turn, for 11-song "playlist" onto any amongst following links:
11 totaliztic (p_12.htm)
11 untotaliztic (p_12x.htm)
11 Jan's favourite (p_12j.htm)
11 Latin American (p_12l.htm)
11 Bolivian folklore (p_12b.htm)
11 songs of action (p_12a.htm)
11 classic songs (p_12c.htm)
11 native songs (p_12n.htm)
11 Polish songs (p_12p.htm)
11 sexy songs (p_12s.htm)
11 love songs (p_12m.htm)
Notice, that if the reader learns how to use the "two-column" playlists described in item #A14 above, then he/she is able to also use such "multiple-window" playlists described here. Also it is worth to notice, that typical internets do NOT keep up with sending more than one song at a time. So, although the above playlist allows you to easily play all four songs at once, typically internet connections do NOT keep up with their transfer to your TV or computer.
       #A16: Links to the text of this instruction. This instruction is worth reading before someone uses my "playlists", or before recommends that these "playlists" are used as a solution for the problems of these amongst their friends or family members, who are having "smart" TVs and are troubled by problems of these TVs - such as the need to tediously type letter-by-letter the addresses to videos, or constant crashes of these TVs caused by pirated advertisements attached by someone to videos from YouTube (i.e. the suspending of the work of "smart" TV by advertisements described in paragraph #A10 above). That is why it is good to know under which Internet addresses this instruction can be read, or it can be recommended for reading to friends or family members. (Reading this instruction can be accomplished with the help of any web browser, that is NOT just with the help of "Google Chrome".) These addresses can e.g. be as follows:,
To run this instruction from any of above addresses, it is sufficient to click on the green link of it. You can also easily copy this address from here with the use of your mouse, for e.g. sending it to someone in an email. Note also, that there is available a Polish language version of this instruction, also in HTML. This Polish instruction in HTML can be viewed at addresses:,

       #A17: Links to other web pages from this address. Here they are:
Index page from this address (index.htm)
Menu of my web pages available at this address (menu2.htm)

Part #B: Program your "smart" TV, or your PC, as I programmed my Korean TV from LG, type 42LA6230-TB, so that you can eliminate pirated advertisements that keep suspending or hassling videos from the and you can also get rid of other inconveniences while repetitively viewing such videos:

Motto: "Nothing else so much encourages the spread of immoral behaviours, as does it the today's internet."

       #B1: It is worth knowing, that if a hardware that we use has any irritating (but independent from time) fault, then it can be improved with an appropriate program.. On 16th November 2013 I bought for myself the so-called "smart" television set type "42LA6230-TB", from the Korean company "LG". Unfortunately, "smart" TVs represent a brand new technology that currently comes into use. So as this is always with a new technology, in addition to a whole range of obvious advantages, at the beginning it has also a lot of various defects. After all, for the creators of a new technology always takes many years to remove these defects progressively. The main problem of my "smart" TV, which I find to be the most obstructing in the proper use of it, are discomforts of entering a text into it, if such a text is needed for some reason - e.g. entering a web address. Although these "smart" TVs supposed to be a cross between TVs and PCs (i.e. a cross between television sets and computers), actually my TV does NOT have a factory keyboard sold with it, while any other keyboard that I connected to it, works in a very "erratic" way. Of course, I connected to it already several different keyboards, including those that are recommended - all of them are swallowing the first letter, lose some amongst the required characters, etc., which means that are generally unreliable, uncomfortable and useless. So in order to enter in this TV a required text, e.g. a web address, one must use the remote control and tediously type the text letter-by-letter through pointing with a cursor, and then clicking, onto the individual characters on the keyboard that appears on the TV screen. But I am used to computers, which help their users to achieve the goals towards which these users are striving, NOT obstruct the achievement of these goals. Fortunately, in my life of a scientist I got to know the work of the principle of operation of physical reality described in the introduction to "part #A" from the beginning of this web page, which principle I expressed with the following words from the motto to that "part #A", quote: "In every intelligently designed system, the operation of which is the combination of outcomes from the work of its hardware and software, the independent from time defects, faults, disadvantages and limitations of the hardware can be eliminated through the appropriate programming of the software of that system". Notice here, that in my description of that principle I am emphasizing the "defects which are independent from time". After all, so-far only God knows how to program "time" - as this is explained thoroughly e.g. in items #C4 and #C3 from my web page named immortality.htm, or explained in the introduction and in item #G4 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. People are to learn how to program time only after our civilisation builds my time vehicles. Thus, until the moment when the first human "time vehicles" initiate their work, e.g. in a slow working hardware we cannot increase the speed of its work only through means of software. This is because "too slow speed" is one amongst these defects which depend on time. But we can with the use of appropriately programmed software remove all the defects of hardware from e.g. "smart" TVs of the Korean company LG, described on this web page - as I am describing here only the defects which are independent from time.
       #B2: I laboriously removed the irritating drawback of my "smart" TV from "LG", with the program which I am happy to share with the reader in "part #C" of this web page. Due to knowing the above principle of operation of physical reality, and also by being relatively skilled in computer programming, I could prepare for my "smart" TV such a software, that it eliminates the need to tediously compose letter-by-letter whatever text needs to be entered into this TV, as my software replaces the typing of web addresses with a single click of the TV remote control. In this way my "playlists" were created, the instruction of use of which is provided in "part #A" of this web page. Of course, to be able to program these "playlists", I was forced to put a lot of effort, work and research, which I am NOT going to describe here - but from repeating of which I am trying to save my readers through the gifting to them in "part #C" of this web page a finished source program of my final "playlist", to which final product I have come as a result of my effort, work, and research. After all, to program my playlists firstly I had to design how I solve this problem of the tedious typing of web addresses. Then I had to experimentally explore which search engine my TV uses - after all, this information is NOT given in the documentation of my TV (this search engine has proved to be a simplified version of the "Google Chrome"). At the end, I had to find a programming language (i.e. HTML), and the manner of programming of the most important functions of my solution to the problem discussed here (i.e. IFRAME).
       #B3: How one can go around of probably intentionally introduced by producers immoral obstacles, which make impossible a direct programming of "smart" television sets. Unfortunately, the software structure of today's "smart" TVs probably intentionally is so designed, that they do NOT have what it takes, so that "normal users" could be able to directly program these TVs (i.e. program them in the same way as "normal users" program today's computers). For example, as so-far neither the documentation disseminated with those TVs mentions any methods and tools that would assist in their programming, nor the structure and management of their memory are normally learnable, nor there is an easy way of permanently uploading control programs into these TVs. (Although some rather useless for "normal users" information about software of these TVs in December 2014 "LG" had available on the website Therefore, I programmed on my PC all programs of my "playlists". Also I tested the operation of these programs on my PC. In addition, these programs are prepared in the form of web pages - which are stored on the internet servers, NOT in my "smart" TV (which way of storing allows to go around these probably intentionally introduced obstacles which make impossible a direct programming of these TVs by their users). To TV such programs are therefore loaded from the Internet only at the moment when they are to control the operation of my "smart" TV. Thus, such a solution of "software" of my "playlists" creates many advantages. For example, my "playlists" can be played both, on "smart" TVs, as well as on computers, and even on tablets and mobile phones - and used by any person living in any place on Earth. They also provide a completely new software idea, showing how we can improve and expand the capabilities of TV hardware with the help of software that has NOT been programmed on this hardware, and is NOT permanently residing in this TV. More interestingly, they also illustrate how is likely programmed, tested and stored in the counter-world the "software" that make up human souls.
       #B4: My doscovery, that in front of videos from YouTube, are immorally loaded badly programmed advertisements, which suspend work of "smart" television sets. What's also interesting, already after I started to use the "playlists" programmed by myself, I slowly discovered that they eliminate also another serious flaw in my "smart" TV. Namely, they eliminate the suspension of its operation by poorly programmed, probaly pirated advertisements, downloaded into my TV together with videos from the YouTube. In turn while tracking these advertisements, over time I discovered that they do NOT originate from the YouTube, but for a sure monetary gain they are added to videos sent from YouTube, by someone who has an access to a transmission lines of YouTube videos - for more details see item #A10 of this web page. In this way I got to the problem, which is the root of the majority of cases of evil and inconvenience that today dishearten around the world - namely, I got to greed, which is spurring many of today's companies and individuals to break the moral criteria in their doing.
       #B5: Immoral acting initially looks very attractive, but in the final effect it always leads to problems and punishments (consider the old Polish proverb "nice are evil beginnings, but endings are always horrible"). The humanity knows it for a long time, that everything that humans do, can be completed in two ways, namely either in accordance with the criteria of morality, means "morally", or in a manner violating the criteria of morality, means "immorally". It so happens, that the today's world is heading rapidly towards doing everything in an increasingly immoral ways - including immoral doing even such activities of television industry seemingly oriented at the human comfort, as television advertising, or as activities of designing television sets and video-recorders. However, those immorally acting individuals and decision-makers overlook that behind the requirements of morality hides the same superior intelligence that created the entire physical world, and that now precisely controls the fate of this world and everything located in it. In turn, this superior intelligence is NOT going to tolerate violations of the laws that it has established. Thus, together with the establishment of the moral laws, requirements and criteria, it also programmed the work of corresponding moral mechanisms, which react with the required punishing "return" to any manifestation of the violation of these laws, requirements, or moral criteria. In turn, these moral mechanisms cause that, for example, every manifestation of someone's immoral behaviour is punished severely in a whole range of different ways - amongst others by eliminating the beneficial consequences for the achievement of which this immoral activity was originally taken, and by replacing these beneficial consequences with their exact reversal - means with the exaggerated wave of the adverse consequences of the same action. For example, if one makes an immoral decision, then in the long-term operation these moral mechanisms NOT only that are rebuilding a problem for the elimination of which these immoral decisions have been taken, but in addition they escalate significantly the power of this problem - as an example consider the long-term effects of the implementation of pesticides and antibiotics. What even worse, if that decision was taken at the level of entire country or the world, the escalation of this problem uncomfortably harms all citizens of this country or even the entire world. Therefore, seeing from the results of my research how these moral mechanisms are working, I myself at all costs try to avoid doing anything that would violate the moral criteria, as well as I strongly advise other people to avoid in their lives doing anything that is immoral. In order to make easier such an avoidance of breaking moral criteria, developed is even a special philosophy dedicated to morality - i.e. developed is the philosophy of totalizm.
       #B6: Examples of empirical evidence that immorality does NOT pay. In various websites and publications of my philosophy of totalizm I provided a range of empirical evidence which conclusively document that moral mechanisms act on all "group intellects", including the television companies, just in the way as is explained above (i.e. so act that immorality always is punished - in first instance by invalidation of benefits drawn due to a given immoral acting). In fact, the empirical evidence, which so far I collected in this matter, is extensive enough to develop a formal scientific proof on its basis, that the moral mechanisms work precisely in the manner described by totalizm. (After being developed, this formal proof would become very similar to a large proportion of formal scientific proofs indicated and discussed in item #G3 from the web page named god_proof.htm - e.g. similar to the proof from item #B2 and from "parts #C" of my web page named ufo_proof.htm.) So here are examples of this irrefutable empirical evidence documenting that one of the penalties for "immorality" served by the moral mechanisms, is the invalidation of goals for the achieving of which someone has taken a given immoral action, through the escalation of the adverse consequences of this action. And so, in items #I1 and #I2 from the web page named healing.htm, I explained how in the pursuit of profit some amongst today's pharmaceutical companies avoid the production of drugs which really heal, and prefer to sell drugs that only relieve symptoms and therefore condemn patients to the use of these drugs for the rest of their lives. Moral mechanisms responded to this immoral behaviour with the increase of severity of diseases, so that now these diseases kill if they are NOT cured, and thus their symptoms cannot be alleviated with modern medicines for the duration of typical human life. In turn, in items #A1, #B5 and #F3 of my web page named solar.htm, I explained how some of today's electric monopolies and cartels are trying to immorally install in private homes exclusively the "battery-deprived" solar systems for the generation of electricity from the energy of sunlight. Such solar systems are immoral because they make their owners dependent forever on buying electricity from these monopolies and cartels. (After all, by NOT having batteries, such domestic solar systems still force their owners to purchase electricity from the grid in evenings and at nights - i.e. during the hours when the sun is absent but typically this electricity is needed the most.) Moral mechanisms reacted with the spread of information around the world about financial distress and bankruptcy and about types of problems that plague those people who have allowed themselves to be fooled by such "battery-deprived" solar systems. (As a result of this information, and knowledge, private individuals lately almost ceased to install domestic solar systems, thus the companies that insist on installing such "battery-deprived" solar systems soon could face bankruptcy.) In item #I2 of my web page named bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm I explained that every aggressive war is immoral, while moral mechanisms cause with an iron hand that ultimately "every war is lost by the aggressor". In item #A2 of my web page named petone.htm I direct the reader's attention to the historical immorality of colonialism and slavery, and on the today's "returns" by moral mechanisms to former colonial countries and to countries that used to have slaves, the treatment of their citizens, equal to that treatment which once the citizens of these countries served to people from their colonies, or to their slaves. In item #T2 of my web page named humanity.htm I explained that every tax is immoral while the most immoral and destructive are taxes type VAT, GST, etc., and I also illustrated that moral mechanisms severely punish every country whose government does NOT practice restrains on the increases of taxes, by imposing on this country the chronic state of economic depression and by triggering social unrests and disturbances in public law and order. In item #J1 from yet another my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm I explained that the decisions to introduce pesticides and antibiotics (as well as the theory of relativity) to the common use also turned out to be highly immoral decisions, thus moral mechanisms cause that harmful organisms which these pesticides and antibiotics supposed to fight out, become resistant to them completely, so now are destroyed by them mainly organisms beneficial for people. Etc., etc. - examples of this type can fill entire encyclopaedias. Of course, just only the above examples make it clear that if the entire television industry is currently breaking criteria of morality, then moral mechanisms are soon to punish severely NOT only this industry, but also all the governments and nations which allowed this breaking of morality to happen. Expressing this in other words, if TV industry is to continue the present imposing of increasingly harsh restrictions on the capabilities of their products and services, then the moral mechanisms will soon begin work, so that we will be witnessing a complete collapse of the availability for this industry of goals, for the achieving of which these TV companies break currently the criteria of morality. In turn, if handlers of internet cables are to stabornly keep adding pirated advertisements to videos downloaded from YouTube, then these advertisements are to so torment the life of owners of "smart" TVs and other viewers of such videos, they they are to unpleasantly link given products with advertisements that torment them, and thus they are to avoid all products advertised in these adds - what e.g. I already started to do a long time ago.
       #B7: The same as in life it is worth to avoid immoral acting, even more it is worth to learn principles of moral acting - means to learn the "philosophy of totalizm". While emphasizing punishments from long-term effects of every "immoral" acting, I have also a duty to emphasize here the opposite effects of acting accordingly to criteria of morality. After all, the same moral mechanisms cause, that every "moral" acting is rewarded in its long-term effects - which fact is already illustrated on numerous examples in a number of totaliztic publications. (As an example of just such rewarding of human morality, consider results of my many-years-long research described in item #I3 from the web page petone_pl.htm - which confirmed, that exactly as the Bible promises it to all human settlements inhabited by at least 10 especially morally acting people in the Bible called "righteous", the New Zealand township named Petone and located in suburbia of the capitol Wellington, in which, amongst others, I live, is carefully omitted by all cataclysms, even by these which pounded the nearby city of Wellington and other neighbourhood towns.) Thus, every time when we make a decision about something, it is worth to put into it an additional effort and earned totaliztic knowledge, to make sure, that it is agreeable with criteria of morality. How to make sure whether a given decision is "moral" or "immoral", it is explained, amongst others, in item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm - where it is elaborated on examples of such decisions of the entire humanity mislead by erroneous claims of official science, as the introduction of antibiotics, pesticides and the theory of relativity to the common use - all of which decisions since a long time have already been revealing to us their immoral characteristics. In turn the getting a reassurance about the immoral character of decisions to install in private homes the "battery-deprived" solar systems for the generation of electricity from energy of sun, whose long-term destructive for people consequences are still to fully reveal themselves in the future, is elaborated in items #A1, #B5 and #F3 from my web page named solar.htm.
       #B8: Moral analysis indicates, that a significant proportion of drawbacks of my "smart" TV results from breaking of moral criteria by someone. After purchasing the "smart" TV described here (by the Korean company "LG"), I began to gradually discover various further disadvantages and inconveniences of it. In spite that I chose for buying myself a TV set which according to my assessment criteria was the best amongst "smart" TVs available on the market, it turned out that still there is rather a lot of these faults and disadvantages. But what upsets me the most, is that a significant proportion of the inconveniences and drawbacks of my "smart" TV is NOT due to the low advancement of today's technology and knowledge, but actually from the breaking of moral criteria. And so, for example, it turned out that my TV has a very low operational memory. From a technical point of view, it should come as a surprise, because nowadays computer memories are already very inexpensive. So the explanation for reasons why my TV is having such a small memory, must result from something other than the cost of production - e.g. from the immoral desire of forcing the users to purchase additional devices that compensate for this lack of operational memory in the TV itself. (E.g. to force users into buying video-recorders that compensate for the lack of memory in the TV itself, in which one could store TV programmes which one gets to like while is watching them.) Of course, a small memory in TV means also that the work of it is suspended and interrupted in every case when something tries to use a bit more of this memory. And it just so happens that I live in a country which produces a multitude of badly programmed pirated television commercials which are very greedy for the memory, and these badly programmed pirated commercials that absorb a lot of memory are immorally imposed onto almost every online video downloaded from . Thus each time I try to watch a video downloaded from on my allegedly "smart" TV, then these poorly programmed pirated advertisements suspend the operation of my "smart" TV. In turn, after every such a suspension of its work, I have to start laboriously the run of my TV from the very beginning, I have to find in the menu and engage again its search engine, type again the required web address, wait until it downloads the video that I just wish to watch, etc., etc.
       #B9: Summary of most irritating drawbacks of my "smart" TV from "LG". Of course, that suspending of the work of my "smart" TV due to its small operational memory, is just only one amongst many of its flaws and drawbacks. So now I am to list most troublesome amongst its faults and drawbacks, which so far have revealed themselves to me because they provide me with a lot of unnecessary problems. But note here, that since in accordance with the Polish saying "I am too poor to buy for myself goods of a low-quality", I have chosen for buying myself the best "smart" TV which, according to my assessment criteria, was then available on the New Zealand market. Thus, many amongst the defects which my TV has, almost certainly appear also on "smart" TVs of other than "LG" companies. Here are these faults and drawbacks:
       (1) The inability of the TV to save in any storage medium the longer TV programme that we would like to see again later - and this in spite that the TV has the embedded into it the function of saving in its small operational memory short segments of programmes that we just are watching, and also that it has USB plugs for connecting the external memories of the "flash drive" type - onto which could be saved even the longest TV programmes.
       (2) The inability to copy and then paste the internet addresses, or written texts, from one location or document into another location or document. I.e. the lack of abilities that are offered by today's PCs, when with a single mouse click one can paste a previously copied written text to another document or to another addressing window.
       (3) The lack of own keyboard and an incorrect (erratic) work of keyboards that can be connected to this TV. I.e. all keyboards which I connected to this TV, including the one recommended for use, appear to be malfunctioning, "swallowing" characters, and thus are useless.
       (4) The need to use the TV's remote control for the laborious composing, letter-by-letter, long web addresses and texts of emails - through clicking on individual characters from a keyboard displayed on the screen. This work, because of the tendency of this TV to constantly suspend its work due to badly programmed pirated advertisements, makes its internet usage extremely annoying and similar to the "Sisyphean work".
       (5) Un-ergonomic design of the remote controller. (I.e. the remote controller is designed to "look good", NOT to make it "easy and reliable for the use".) For example, the most vital of its part, used for moving the cursor in four-directions along the TV screen, has the shape of a miniature concave bowl, while the ergonomics demands that it should be sticking up and above the level of other buttons. To be worse, this bowl is too small to accommodate a finger of a typical man that uses it, and is surrounded by uplifted buttons that interrupt the current operation of the TV. As a result, when one want to move the cursor, and thus he must insert the big finger into this miniature concave bowl, he ends up accidentally pressing a neighbouring amongst these interrupting buttons, and in this way the current viewing is interrupted, and the user is forced to start from the very beginning the whole procedure of switching on and searching for whatever he was just looking at. To make matters even worse, the second (sold separately and immorally, because it is disproportionately expensive) so-called "magic" remote controller for this TV is also un-ergonomic, technically unreliable, and it does NOT work properly - for example, it has built-in two different ways for switching channels, but the most important its button (OK), for the implementation of the issued order, is only one, and in addition to work, it must be separately pre-programmed in the resistant to its acceptance TV, while the design and makeup of it are highly unreliable.
       (6) The lack in this TV of an open to the user "system software" which would allow for the programming of that TV by the user. I.e. the absence in that TV of an interpreter for a simple programming language, and the lack of storage space - similar to those that used to be provided to users with the first PCs, or at least similar to today's language "Java Script" that is used for web programming. As a result, one is forced to use these TVs only in the way for which they were designed in the factories - i.e. without the possibility that their performance is improved, modified and adapted to needs of their users by these users themselves.
       (7) The lack of documentation which would allow to program these TVs like today are programmed PCs. I.e. the lack of documentation which would allow to use a scripting programming language (e.g. the language "Java Script"), and which would provide users with the information about the structure of system software from these TVs, explained how and what can be programmed in them, how their memory is used and structured, etc., etc.
       #B10: Consequences of being greedy. If we consider the matter thoroughly, it turns out that all of the above drawbacks and problems of my "smart" TV are derived from the fact that its designers do NOT try to satisfy the moral criteria during making their decisions - i.e. that they ignored matters at which I try to direct the readers attention in item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. For example, the inability of my TV to record longer television programs in the operational memory of that TV itself, or in the plugged-in external memory (so that users could watch these programs at a later date), is caused by the immoral intention of forcing users to make additional purchases of other auxiliary equipment, such as video-recorders (which fact I have already explained a few paragraphs earlier). In turn, the inability to copy and paste written texts stems both from this immorally small memory (and hence from the need to use in this TV rather primitive system software), as well as from the immoral intention to NOT compete with computers (i.e. so that users still have to buy both, television sets and computers). Etc., etc. In other words, the main reason for each of the problems and disadvantages of today's "smart" TVs is the disguised human greed, means the ignoring (breaking) Biblical Ten Commandments.
       #B11: "In the fishless land even a crab is a fish" (old Polish proverb). But at this point it should be added, however, that these flaws and imperfections still should NOT discourage the reader from buying this particular TV. This is because, as I previously wrote, according to my assessment criteria, for now the "smart" TV from the "LG" company, is the best "smart" TV, which is available on the New Zealand market, and hence it has a whole range of benefits, the sum of which so-far compensates for the above drawbacks. After all, in the physical world does NOT exist anything that would have only advantages and would be devoid of any flaws - while now still there is a lack on the market of "smart" TVs with better characteristics. Frankly speaking too, in spite of the fact that now I already know its faults, if I still would need to buy myself again a new TV, then I would again choose to purchase just this one - unless in the meantime some other company would produce a model of "smart" TV, which would eliminate drawbacks and inconveniences which are described in the preceding paragraphs (1) to (7) from #B9. (After such a television-set would in fact appear, then immediately it would become the best one amongst "smart" TVs on the market.)
       #B12: Program of "playlists" that I described here, is amongst others, an example of acting that is agreeable with criteria of morality. Of course, in order to live accordingly to the recommendations of the philosophy of totalizm, when I programmed my "playlists" with videos of songs downloaded from, as usual I put a lot of effort so that whatever I disseminate myself do NOT broke any already known to me criteria of morality - unless it is to serve as an illustration of how these moral criteria are, or may be, broken. Therefore, this web page is another my example of: how with the help of properly programmed software one can repair defects and problems caused by breaking of moral criteria by hardware developers, how to distinguish between moral and immoral human behaviours, how to fight with the immoral behaviours, how should look-like whatever is to serve for the improvement of our morality, etc., etc.
       #B13: Summary of morally correct benefits generated by my "playlists". My "playlists" NOT only that eliminate and repair the outcomes of a whole series of consequences of breaking moral criteria in the design and execution of today's "smart" TVs, but in addition they increase capabilities of these TVs in a manner consistent with the criteria of morality. So let us list now "what" and "how" my "playlists" fix, and what are these extensions of capabilities of "smart" TVs that my "playlists" are introducing:
       (i) My "playlists" eliminate the need to tediously type long internet addresses during viewing videos from the and allow that these videos are downloaded to our TV or PC, and then run, with just a single click of a remote control or a mouse.
       (ii) They constitute a kind of memory stored outside of our TV or PC, which contains our most vital internet links and also a list of addresses of videos most liked by us and available in the Internet, thus allowing for a quick and easy launch of these links and videos whenever we want to.
       (iii) They remind their users the truth typically ignored today, namely that everything that people do, can be carried out either according to the criteria of morality (that is "morally"), or "immorally". After all, my "playlists" meaningfully illustrate that many of today's decisions and moves of people and institutions are breaking criteria of morality (or speaking roughly, these decisions are "immoral") - and that so happens even in such seemingly unrelated to morality matters as hardware design for "smart" TVs, listening to videos from YouTube, or the imposing of advertisements on television and on the internet.
       (iv) They eliminate pirated advertisements that suspend work of "smart" TVs with small memory, which someone stubbornly attaches to videos downloaded from YouTube. Also they reveal and help to eliminate in a software manner, various other flaws and imperfections of today's "smart" TVs and immoral behaviours of our civilization today - e.g. they fix the lack of information, they reveal the camouflage of true motivations, they expose the immorality of decisions, etc., etc.
       (v) They are so simple and so easily-available on this web page in their source version, that every reader with verve to computers, is able to transform them into own similar "playlists". As a result, thanks to my "playlists", almost every reader is able to eliminate defects and improve the operation of own "smart" TV, and perhaps also other similar "smart" devices.
       (vi) They initiate a new phenomenon in "smart" television, which depends on the ability of the software to eliminate various imperfections of hardware in the television sets in a way similar as the so-called. "apps" eliminate various hardware imperfections of today's mobile phones. After all, my "playlists" provide the first model and example of "what" and "how" could be done to improve the comfort of viewing and to expand the capabilities of today's "smart" TVs. In this way, on the one hand they show to TV manufacturers "what" and "how" they should try to introduce to their TV sets to increase their competitiveness on the today's markets. On the other hand, they indicate what features the consumers should seek during their purchases of TVs, and thus give them to hands a set of criteria for distinguishing between high-quality "smart" TVs and poor quality "smart" TVs.
       (vii) They illustrate how still we can control the devices that have access to the internet, but which we are NOT allowed to program directly. After all, my "playlists" allow that programs which control the operation of devices type "smart" TVs were both, prepared outside of these TVs, and resided in the internet, and only temporarily were downloaded to these TVs at the time when they have to control their work. In addition, when we realize that our bodies are also just a kind of similar "devices", while the counter-world is also a kind of "internet" - then my "playlists" also document and explain to us how are programmed, tested and managed programs constituting human souls.
       #B14: My "playlists" are worth checking, while if the reader has such a possibility - then even reprogramming for own favourite videos. Because of all the above advantages of my "playlists", I personally would recommend to the reader to view and to check them all. In turn if the reader has the time, reasons and motivations, then I even recommend that he/she prepares similar "playlists" on the basis of my gift described in the next "part #C" of this web page. After all, both mine and his/her "playlists", the reader can view on his/her "smart" TV (if he/she has one), or on his/her PC with the search engine "Google Chrome", or even on any other "smart" device such as a "tablet", a "mobile phone", etc. In turn, this viewing in conjunction with the information that is contained on this web page, NOT only that just gives to the reader the pleasure of seeing videos of a number of nice songs and having at the fingertips all most vital internet links, but it also is to open his/her mind to the perception of a whole range of mechanisms and principles of life, the significance of which he/she could overlook so far.
* * *
       #B15: P.S. - get a "second opinion" about totalizm. For those readers, in whom the above information induced a wish to understand the philosophy of totalizm a bit better, I would recommend to begin from acquainting themselves with a brief, but constructive, factual, objective and true to this philosophy summary prepared by someone other than myself, e.g. by Szod - see the Polish web page "Totalizm - zakazana filozofia" (i.e. "Totalizm - the banned philosophy", by Dominik - see the Polish web page "Totalizm - filozofia ludzi myślących" (i.e. "Totalizm - the philosophy of thinking people", or by any other author, who objectively analysed totalizm and rationally summarises in Internet how he/she perceived it. (In November 2014, the web pages of Szod and Dominik were available at addresses and - it is worth to check whether they still are available in there today.) The point is that the philosophy such as totalizm, i.e. which explains rationally "why" in life we should always act morally, "how" one can act morally, and "what happens" if someone behaves immorally, and that also persuades to live in peace and condemns people who instead of fighting with own imperfections such as greed, egoism, deviations, etc. - rather nourish and grow these imperfections, in today's highly immoral times has unfortunately a lot of enemies in power, influence and wealth. In turn those enemies are using every possible trick to discourage people to learn about totalizm. So currently the Internet is full of loud voices of the kind "I had never stained myself with reading about totalizm, but I know for sure that this philosophy is worthless", and comments which apart from spitting and swearing at me, practically contain no logical arguments. Also NOT without a valid reasons these web pages which attack totalizm and my research always appear at the very beginning of the Internet list after writing the word totalizm or my name to a search engine, while the objective and positive web pages are well hidden somewhere near the end of this list. In Internet we can even find web pages of the kind of the English - in which someone went so far as to impersonate me, and pretend that he is me, in order to make it easier for him to use every lie he knows to disgust towards totalizm those people who may wish to become acquainted with it. Hence, because of this hostile and loud campaign of attacking totalizm, it is worth to gain an assurance, that NOT only the author of totalizm, but also various other people with the required knowledge and understanding of life, noticed how faithfully totalizm reveals to them the truth about the actual laws and mechanisms that govern over the fate of every human being - in this number also over your own fate.

Part #C: Guidelines how you can prepare a DIY (i.e. "do it yourself") "playlist" for a Korean "smart" TV from the LG company, or for your PC:

Motto: "It is easy to do even of what we do NOT know - if only we find a teacher who is to explain to us how to accomplish it."

       #C0. Goals and attributes of guidelines from this "part #C". These guidelines I have tried to prepare in such a way, that on their basis readers could program their own "playlists" - even if they do NOT know any programming of web pages in the HTML. Therefore, hereby I am advising everyone with ambitions of learning how to program the internet, to try prepare own "playlist" on principles of DIY. After all, on the occasion of this preparation the reader is to learn how to program their own web pages. In addition, the reader is to gain the program, which will release his smart TV or his PC from a number of problems that currently hassle his life and make it difficult to watch from the whatever gives him a fun. In addition, the "playlist" prepared DIY by the reader can later be used on any device that has an access to the Internet and to the, i.e. NOT only on their "smart" TVs, but also, for example, on PCs, "tablets", and even on some mobile phones. So here is the tasks to be performed in order to program your own DIY "playlist":
       #C1. Copy to your PC, my example of the source program for a "playlist", programmed in HTML. The printout of this program is available for copying below in the window with a scrollbar, marked as "Fig. #C1". This example includes a program of a very simple, "two-column" playlist - which works similarly to my p_e.htm (or more strictly to its Polish version p_l.htm) described and linked in item #A14 from this web page. Just that I deliberately simplified the program of this playlist and formatted it in such a way that it is most easy to change it. You can copy this playlist through a typical use of the mouse and commands "copy" and "paste". You should paste this program to any simple text editor, for example to the one which in PCs is named "Notepad". After the paste you need to save it on the disk, for example under the name "playlist.htm" (but typed without the quotes).

Here should be displayed the program of an example playlist.
Fig. #C1: Here is an example of the source program of my "playlist", written in a simple programming language for web pages, called HTML. It is useful for the initiation of programming the reader's own "playlist". After it is copied (using the mouse - through copy and paste method) to your PC, and after saving on on the disk under an example named "playlist.htm" (but saved without the quotes), this program can be further transformed and developed into your own "playlist" - as it is described in more detail in this "part #C" of the web page. In turn, after it is transformed and used to control the work of your "smart" TV, it makes possible the elimination of a number of faults, drawbacks and disadvantages of still quite primitive hardware of today's versions of such "smart" TVs - as it is described in more detail in "part #B" from this web page.
       #C2. Test-play the program "playlist.htm" saved previously in the memory of your PC. For this purpose you need to (a) find the name "playlist.htm" in the listing window of a previously run system housekeeping program, e.g. the one called "Windows Explorer" (which is present in almost every PC), or an equivalent of that "Windows Explorer" (b) right-click of your mouse on that previously saved in your computer source program "playlist.htm". Then, from the command window that appears when you right-click with the mouse, you need to select and run the command "Open with Google Chrome". Notice that during the test run of the "playlist.htm" your computer must be connected to the Internet - so that songs from this playlist can be downloaded from the "".
       #C3. Learn how works that just tested program named "playlist.htm". After the test-run of the program "playlist.htm", listen to songs offered by this "playlist", explore how this playlist works, and check whether its works suits your needs. In order to carry out these verifications and checks, experiment with its various underlined link commands, as well as with its various capabilities described in more detail in items #A5 and #A6 from this web page.
       #C4. Select from the "" the songs that you want to include into your own playlist. In these songs most important are their "codes" given at the end of their addresses - e.g. for the song "Smokie - Living Next Door To Alice" available at YouTube address, the "code" of this song is NDvuskOGiY0. Write down for later use the codes of songs that you would like to have on your own "playlist".
       #C5. Replace the "codes" of songs currently listed in my playlist onto the codes of your favourite songs which in item #C4 you have chosen from "". For example, in the program "playlist.htm" the following codes of my favourite songs are provided:
Thus replace each one of them onto the code of your favourite song that beforehand you selected from the "" according to item #C4 above.
       #C6. Rearrange subtitles and links that appear in the "playlist.htm" into your own captions and links. To change the subtitles, after running the "playlist.htm" (as explained in item #C3 above), seek what in my example "playlist" a given inscription says, and then design what it should state on your own playlist. Then search for that inscription in the "playlist.htm" (i.e. in the program of it previously opened with a text editor - e.g. with the editor named "Notepad") and change this inscription into the one which you would like to appear on your own "playlist". In turn, for the change of links into your own, determine what Internet addresses have videos, websites, hosting, and e-mails which you are using the most, and then enter their addresses to the links which I provided on the "Fig. #C1". Of course, the number of links you can increase by copying in the source program entire lines of the program, which represent these links. (In my example of "playlist" from "Fig. #C1", every single link is written in a separate line.) In this way, from your own "playlist" you will later be able to run with just a single click of remote control NOT only the videos that you like, but also e.g. your emails, websites at which you often have a look, etc., etc.
       #C7. Add the next row (or even a few more rows) to the table with your "playlist". The example of "playlist" which program I gifted on "Fig. #C1" has only two rows with visible in them two videos of songs. Of course, in your own "playlist" you can include as many rows and songs visible in them, as you like - although the more rows and videos of songs visible in them contain a given "playlist", the longer time it takes to make it load and start. Therefore, rather you should build yourself more than one playlist, each one of which includes links to the next one, than just extend only one too much. To add to your "playlist" a new row with a next song, just after the line that on the "Fig. #C1" contains the word "Ending" you should paste previously copied with the mouse the section of the program that on the "Fig. #C1" is provided between the lines with the words "Beginning" and "Ending" - after which paste you only need to replace codes of newly-pasted songs into new ones, as it is explained in item #C5 above.
       #C8. Test in your own PC (or in other computer) so prepared web page "playlist.htm", whether it works correctly. For the purpose of this testing follow the steps described above in items #C2 and #C3.
       #C9. Upload so prepared your own web page named "playlist.htm" onto a hosting web server - e.g. on the one which allows for the creation of your own free websites. How to do this, it is explained in more detail on any web pages about the programming websites.
       #C10. Repetitively run from the Internet so prepared (your own) playlist, either with your "smart" TV from LG, or with the use the search engine "Google Chrome" and your PC. How exactly you can make this repetitive run, it is described in items #A3 to #A6 and #A9 from the first "part #A" of this web page.
       #C11. Gradually improve, update and multiply your "playlist.htm". The example program "playlist.htm" listed in "Fig. #C1" was maximally simplified - so that it minimizes the confusion of people who later will transform it into their own playlists. Hence, it does NOT have yet all these "flashy features" that could be added to it, but which would also increase its complexity and difficulty in understanding. (For example, it does NOT have colours, the varying size of writings, etc.). However, these "flashy features" the reader can later add by himself/herself, thus gradually improving, expanding, updating and multiplying his/her "playlists", while during that process also learning the web programming in HTML.
       #C12. As time elapses you may wish to reprogram the "two-column" playlist from "Fig. #C1" into a "multi-windows" playlist described in item #A15 from this web page. For example, in order to obtain from a "two-column" playlist, a playlist with 4-songs, you only need to replace the links from the right column with a second command to show the video of a next song. On "Fig. #C1" this second command takes three lines of text, while it begins and ends with the lines containing the word IFRAME, and in its middle-line it contains the code KDoeUOxFpG8. Of course, after you copy this command to a new location, you may want to change the code of song that it displays, so that the "playlist.htm" do not contain two identical songs.
Date of starting this web page: 5 October 2014
Publishing its English version: 2014/11/27
Date of the most recent update: 11 May 2023
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